” We made from water every living thing”

                                                       ...The Noble   Qur’an, Surah, Al-Anbiya, 21: 30 

Three quarters of planet earth is covered with water and water is the most abundant substance on earth.  If one analyzes the human body one finds that a normal adult has about 70 percent water.  The water of this planet, specifically the algae in them, supplies some 90 percent of the oxygen we breathe.  Others estimate that by themselves the microscopic phytoplankton of the oceans provide up to a third of the planet’s oxygen.  The oceans also moderate the globe’s temperature, support an incredibly rich variety of life, and play a crucial role in global climate and rain cycles.  In short, the oceans are a key to life on this Planet.

Water is essential for the survival of man. Water is used to generate Electricity. Agricultural crops are grown using water. Ancient civilizations flourished by manipulating water resources. Simple irrigation canals permitted greater crop production and longer growing seasons in dry areas. They maintained elaborate systems for water supply and drainage. During the 19thand 20th centuries due to population explosion, the demand for water rose dramatically. Monumental engineering projects were launched to control floods, protect clean water supplies and provide water for irrigation and hydropower.  This resulted in great benefits to billions of people living on this planet earth. Water related diseases such as cholera and typhoid have largely been conquered in the more industrial nations. Vast cities have bloomed in the desert with water brought from hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. However despite our progress, more than half of the world’s population suffers from lack of access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation services.




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