ecopilgrim homepage

Welcome to the ecohajj and umrah site.

It is important to prepare oneself for the experience of a lifetime, so why not include all the acts and actions that will really please Allah that we sometimes fail to think about or not give priority to, which on the hajj will really add value to your embracing the spiritual side.

This is where you can do a wonderful deed by planting a tree for your umrah or hajj journey, make sure you visit the pilgrim tree planting page (carbon offset scheme) for further information.

The ecopilgrim site is where you will find all you need to know to have a spiritually rewarding hajj and umrah whilst making sure you fulfil the responsibility of looking after Allah’s creation so sign up and share the journey of a lifetime!!

To make this a truly interactive experience I want you to post a picture, something that  sums up your journey, please make sure it has an eco element in there, it could be of somebody making wudhu with half a cup of water or someone putting litter in the bin..or it could be a poem or a few lines of your hajj / umrah experience …sign up to ecopilgrim then click here to upload.



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