ecopilgrim plant a tree project


In Islam planting a tree is regarded as a charitable act. By anyone’s standards it’s a noble deed.

As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said….’Whoever plants a tree and it matures, ALLAH plants a tree in paradise for that person’

To absorb the exhaust fumes from the flight to hajj / umrah….. please help us plant trees.  Contribute to our tree planting movement.


Just £10, will pay for a tree sapling to be planted and nurtured up to its being planted outside where it will live for another hundred years or more and be home to birds, insects and animals, produce oxygen, absorb CO2 emissions, stabilise the water table, help prevent floods, cool the climate, help restore the balance …. and remind us of the Garden … Before it’s too late. Just for Allah.


To grow a tree from seed to sapling takes several months, before the sapling is ready to be planted in the wild to fend for itself.  In the case of some trees much care is needed. For instance most tropical forest trees should not be exposed to too much sunlight as in natural conditions they are seeded in the ground below the forest canopy, where 60% of daylight is cut.  Seedlings must be maintained in a continued damp environment requiring frequent watering.



Indonesian forests have been cleared and transnational companies rush in to plant oil palm plantations to feed the diesel engines of the rich countries with biofuels. Sometimes the transnationals don’t even wait for the forests to be cleared.  They clear them themselves as they plant. This is usually illegal by Aceh’s new “Aceh Green” Policy.  A total moratorium of tree felling was declared in 2007.  It was one of the first implementations of the Government of newly autonomous Aceh. The 30 years war caused the destruction of millions of hectares of Aceh’s forests. On top of that we have to stop the Oil palm plantations. Many of these are “rogue plantations”. Then we can replant in often very degraded soils. Sometimes it’s a race: to replant depleted and cut tropical forests with the many diverse species of trees before the oil palm planters can.  Palm Oil does not solve anyone’s fuel problems, reduces availablity of land for food production, thus raising prices, and increases the drive for deforestation which now contributes to 18% of global carbon emissions.