lift doors closing

hotel lifts

it’s a good idea – no matter which floor you are allocated a room – to walk up one or two flights of stairs, instead of taking the lift all the way to your floor.

you will benefit from the exercise and prepare you for the 5 days of hajj or umrah (& there is the benefit of the hotel using less electricity – important for those true ecopilgrims)


your resting place

Do not squander your wealth wastefully
 (Qur’an 17:26)


Everyone now takes electricity for granted, but producing energy using fossil fuels like coal and gas contributes to climate change.

• The more electricity we use, the more harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.
• Lighting is essential  the more lights we have, the more electricity we use.

• When you leave a room, switch the lights off. Get into this good habit and it will make a difference.

• Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby (tv’s have arrived in the holy land and if we are to really benefit from the spiritual journey best not to switch the tv on at all!), switch them off


Clean your garments; keep away from all filth
(Qur’an 74:4-5)

Laundry’s use a lot of energy, instead, wash by hand yourself and air dry when possible, you will enjoy it more and feel healthier for it. Remember the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also took part in chores around the house, cleaning and washing, so why not take this opportunity – even if you don’t do it when you return home – to wash your clothes with the intention of a sunnah and get immense rewards whilst on your Hajj / Umrah.

FACT: A recent study by Cambridge University’s Institute of Manufacturing found that 60% of the energy associated with a piece of clothing is spent in washing and drying it.

• Wash your clothes in warm water instead of hot.
• Save up to launder a few big loads instead of many smaller ones.
• Separate clothes by material, some may last you longer by hand washing rather than washing by machine.
• When they’re clean, dry your clothes the natural way, by hanging them on a line, airing rack, or radiator rather than loading them in a dryer

• Use air conditioning sparingly and try not to leave it on whilst you are in the haram, have gone for salah, ziyarah or shopping.

(Allah’s Servants) are those who are neither wasteful nor
niggardly when they spend, but keep to a just balance
(Qur’an 25:67)