getting around

Air Travel            

We made the sky a well‑secured canopy—yet from its wonders they turn away        (Qur’an 21:32)


• Air travel emits greenhouse gases which make the world hotter and hurt the environment .• More people now travel by air more times every year: cheap airlines have made foreign travel easier.
• Alternative aviation fuels are being tested at the moment and may soon be in use.

• When you travel by air,  the pollution of the journey can be balanced with our ‘carbon offset scheme’ …click here
• The newer the airline’ fleet of aircraft, the better the efficiency and clean technology of the engines.


• Cars produce a lot of polluting gases which make it hard to breathe and they hurt the environment.

During the hajj and umrah, you will find that after being transported to the holy cities by bus/coach/car most of your getting around will be by foot.


Many of you may opt to travel around during the 5 days of hajj by coach/bus, but you may want to consider performing a walking hajj,- where you will travel between each place as the name implies by walking.

This is deemed very rewarding as each step you take is a personal step on the spiritual journey towards Allah.

You will find there is a lot less stress to your selves and fellow pilgrims due to the fact you are not stuck in a jam for hours and as mentioned earlier it can be very hot and intoxicating with all the fumes and pollution.

so a walking hajj helps you and the environment.